If it is time to replace the windows in your home, Northpacific window has the products, design, and installation expertise to ensure the project is a success.

Our partnerships with Westcoast Windows and Innotech ensures you that only quality products will be used on you renovation job.

Great products are only truly great when installed properly. Our installations methods are more like a new construction install than a “renovation window” install. We insist on the full removal of the old aluminum window and sealing the new window to the original building envelope. By following our strict quality control systems we ensure you a job that will give you decades of comfort and security.

While quality does cost a little more it is far cheaper in the long run. The prospect of having to re-do your windows in a few years is not an in-expensive one. We have the products and know how to make your window project a success.

Contact us today to experience the Northpacific Window difference.