Innotech Windows + Doors on Vancouver Island

North Pacific Window is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Innotech Windows + Doors for builders and homeowners on Vancouver Island.

black Innotech Windows and Doors lift and slide door in dining room
black Innotech Windows and Doors tilt and turn windows above kitchen counter

About Innotech Windows + Doors

Innotech Windows + Doors is a long-standing, BC-based manufacturer of high-performance windows and doors. Ideal for both new construction and renovations, Innotech products are engineered to provide superior air, water, and sound resistance for many decades. North Pacific Window recommends Innotech Windows + Doors for discerning builders and homeowners who value exceptional quality and proven performance.

Tilt and Turn Windows on Vancouver Island

Innotech Windows + Doors is a leading manufacturer of highly durable Tilt and Turn Windows, also known as dual-action windows. The standard in Europe for decades, tilt and turn windows are engineered to achieve superior energy efficiency, natural ventilation, and design flexibility.

black tilt and turn windows in a bedroom above bed
Energy Efficient

Tilt and Turn Windows are consistently installed in deeply sustainable custom homes. Whether you’re targeting net-zero or Passive House energy standards, or simply want a highly energy-efficient and comfortable home, tilt and turn windows can help you achieve your performance target.

Natural Ventilation

Tilt and Turn Windows take advantage of stack ventilation to provide effective natural ventilation in the tilt position. As warm stale air rises, it exits at the top of the window, allowing cool fresh air to enter at the sides.

white tilt and turn windows in a kitchen above the sink
black Innotech windows and doors in a living room
Design Flexibility

Tilt and Turn Windows can be designed in many sizes and combined with fixed windows and/or swing doors. From small tilt and turn windows in a powder room to expansive floor-to-ceiling windows in your living space, the possibilities are (almost) endless!

Visit Innotech’s website here to learn more about tilt and turn windows!

High-Performance Doors on Vancouver Island

Innotech Windows + Doors also manufactures a range of high-performance doors, including Lift and Slide Doors, Terrace Swing Doors, Entry Doors, and more. All doors are available in a wide range of design, function, accessibility, and performance options.

Lift and Slide Doors

Lift and Slide Doors are engineered for very large openings. Available in 2, 3, or 4-panels, Innotech lift and slide doors provide unobstructed views, seamless indoor-outdoor living, and abundant natural light.

white Innotech lift and slide door in a home
white Innotech doors in a dining room
Terrace Swing Doors

The overall performance and design versatility is unmatched with Innotech Terrace Swing Doors. Choose from single or double doors, inswing or outswing, and with or without side or top lites.

Entry Doors

Entry Doors are available in many styles – from traditional to contemporary. Choose from entry doors with solid insulated panels or glass, with or without side lites. Every Innotech Entry Door is custom designed and manufactured just for you!

exterior of a beige home featuring black Innotech windows and doors

Jump over to Innotech’s website here to read more about all their beautiful doors!

Triple-Glazed Windows on Vancouver Island

Innotech Windows + Doors manufactures high-performance windows and doors with a range of performance. Triple-glazed windows and doors are increasingly specified to achieve the higher steps of the BC Energy Step Code.

Passive House Institute Certified Windows on Vancouver Island

Innotech Windows + Doors manufactures Passive House Institute (PHI) certified windows and doors – including the first cold climate certified window manufactured in North America!

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