New Construction Installation

A new home build is an exciting opportunity to start out right with high-performance windows that will help keep your home comfortable every season in our West Coast climate. Our install team delivers an expert New Construction Installation to ensure your new windows achieve the level of performance and functionality they are designed for.

Bring North Pacific Window Into the Design Process

Here at North Pacific Window, we are passionate about helping homeowners and builders design window packages that will take full advantage of the incredible views that your property has to offer. After all, you will be viewing them through your windows when inside your home! Over our years in the window industry, we have seen and learned a lot of helpful “do’s” and “do not’s” when it comes to functionality and appearance in window options. We want you to absolutely love everything about your windows!

Once every detail is decided on and the window package is ordered, you can sit back and relax while the windows are in production. We will arrange a time together for delivery and installation that works with your build timeline.

Delivery & Installation Time

The best day! Delivery and installation comes when your builder is at a point in the build when the house is ready for the windows and doors to be installed. Our team will show up ready to get your beautiful window package installed into your dream home! Here at North Pacific Window, we do all of our shipping, delivery, and install in-house, so it’s our own trusted team working in your home.

New Construction Installation finished on a home